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Le'me be ya Motivation!

"How do you make your wigs? AND What do you base how they are made on?"

My answer to this question is the same answer I've always had when creating ANY HAIR STYLE which is this... I base my styling from what I DON'T LIKE! When I use to do hair in middle school it was always like

"Okay this is what I don't want my hair to look like."

So I first always wondered to myself "What was it that made the style I did not care for look flawed? What was done that I WILL NOT do and what can I do to make it look BETTER?" THIS WAS WAAAY BEFORE WE COULD USE YOUTUBE!


So how did you start?

The way I originally started with wigs and extensions was when I would buy synthetic wigs basically testing myself, to see if I could make a wig look like my own hair coming off my scalp human hair. This was also before the lace wigs started, at least before us regular non celebrities we're introduced to lace. The 2 inches back lace that we could get our hands on. [Yes, I can feel the looks and the "Maybe you didn't but I did!" comments.] So just hold on a minute, because what we are not going to do is act as if you all don't know what I'm talking about, because EVERYBODY DID NOT START OUT PURCHASES BUNDLES DOWN OUR BACKSIDE BACK IN THE DAY BABY! Keywords "BACK IN THE DAY, you know the 99s to the 2000s" because these kids today are rocking bundles fresh out of the womb!


Yes I started with synthetic mix fiber wigs. That premium mix. LOOK, I liked a challenge! This was my way of challenging myself to master what others would say was impossible. Basically my skills said..

"Who can I fool with this wig and can I pull it off?"

During this time my older sisters were walking around looking like their hair was sleeked by the Gods! It started with the Model Model "Wet and wavy" or "Spanish wave" synthetic hair collection from our local beauty supply store. My sisters use to get a fresh relaxer and with bonding glue add track extensions into their own hair. You know that throw some water and mouse on it kind of hair. So as a kid in middle school I had already experienced my fair share of breakage. My mom was 40 when she gave birth to me y'all, so I will say when it came down to raising me, my poor momma was pretty tired. Her age, her health and life was catching up with her I guess. I mean I understood it but the kids at school didn't.

"All it took with me was a middle school year FULL of bad hair days😭 from momma obviously being unable and I decided I was going to style my hair myself.."

My goal would be to mimic the look of natural hairlines by swooping my edges into the wig without giving off that blunt density look in the front. Well I did it! A few trial and errors but


I was literally making U-part and L part wigs in the 7th grade but had no idea that it was going to end up being "A thing". See 7th grade for me was in 2000-2001 so I was doing remarkable things to many but in my head I was just trying to void getting picked at. The more I think of it "Hell I could have made me some damn coins!"

We'll I didn't! I missed out on alot in this hairstylist ish by not trusting my own instincts at the very beginning! At least that's what I thought. There was a bigger and even greater plan BUT we'll save that for another story because YES INDEED I have one for that topic too!

One thing that I DO know is that my wigs WILL NEVER GIVE off "Real housewives", "Tyler Perry", reality TV confession booth wig vibes! No ma'am, no sir!!

Keep following the footsteps ordered for you as you're pressing your way through and Allured to your Divine Purpose! ✨️


Be sure to be on the lookout for the hairline coming soon for my clients!!! Yessss I will be providing wigs from lace closures to frontal to crochet even my U-part L-part and half wigs!! Wigs are one of my most favorite of the hair designing portion of cosmetology. Not only will I be providing wigs and pieces for clients to purchase on their own but I will also provide prosthetic customizations for clients to bill to their insurance per medical necessity! Yessss we are going to help get those pieces to you by any means necessary to help with your medical conditions and getbyou smiling again! Keep checking me out and stay up to date by following me on all platforms from Facebook to Twitter. We are also listed on all search engines from Google to bing and from Yelp to your local 411 WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!

THANKS COMPLETION⁷ FAM Until next time!😘

Keep Alluring Your Dive Purpose until its Complete....


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