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Beautifying to Completion

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Let's Start "WITHIN" shall we!

So here we are the first of many to be written by yours truly! 7 voices originated from the brand completion and the many thoughts, experiences, choices and paths that my life has journeyed in such a short amount of time. The voice to discuss this segment is going to start within. I tell myself all the time that I want to start off how I'm going to finish. My beginning is strong, confident, disciplined and aware! These things are the keys to my success and authenticity based on what I know about myself from my weaknesses to my strengths. Hold on! Wait a minute, Okay okay, no it has not always been so crystal for me, I'm not even going to have you all thinking I had it all figured out, because ass was LOST! It took some soul searching and hard honesty with myself. On the outside I could hold a smile, laugh, give advice and the entire time I was catching hell within. My sister had this thing where she would say "Look at "I lovvve me some me!". I guess because of how I carried myself appearance wise and then the personality I gave off my sister and I'm sure plenty of others thought I just had it figured out. Could they have been more WRONG?! To be completely honest coming up I was the most afraid little girl that lacked confidence within. I didn't think I was attractive or any of the positive regards others thought of me. I wasn't happy with who I was within and wasn't comfortable in my own skin for many years as a child into my teen years. I suffered from depression, anxiety and even had suicidal thoughts at a VERY young age. I was a ticking time bomb ready to have a Carrie moment at anytime and my family couldn't have been more clueless.

Why??? "Were you seeking attention or acting out maybe??"

NEGATIVE! First off seeking attention not at all! I really disliked being the center of attention., well during the early years i didn't. I actually suffered from an identify crisis. I had issues going on within my home as a child and not only did I want to keep it under wraps but I was also trying like hell to run from it as well as forget. At least until it was time to come home again. This led to me trying to be what and who I thought others would fancy as the older folks would say. I started creating a personality that threw me in front of people to rip the Band-Aid off so that I didn't give people a chance to pick out my flaws. It took some time for me to understand that I had to take a look in the mirror and be true to myself and to hell with what others thought or felt. We have to identify these things don't you think? How can one fully be able to walk into their purpose without doing so? Identifying with what makes you motivated, what makes you tick as well as what makes you crumble or fold under pressure.

"STEP into your purpose!"

Identify, accept, eliminate, nurture & repair and LEAP!


Identify and map out YOU! Identify your flaws accept your responsibility in those things that hinder you as well as the strengths that make you different from the others. Remember the one of many hit songs by the late Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"? Well yes what he said and more. It takes courage to be able to look into the mirror and identify the ways which you have sown in life. You know what I'm talking about, those ways that are not of good reaping upon harvest time. Your buried secrets wreak havoc on your day to day because you are still playing victim and hiding from these truths. So being able to "face the music" as they say is a big aspect needed when identifying. As well a wisdom to acknowledge the difference. There's a difference? Why hell yes there sure is! It doesn't matter if you look in the mirror if you can't be truthful with what you see. Understand this, you have no control over anything in this life but yourself, meaning you hold the power to make the necessary changes to better you! So basically when you look in the mirror, be wise enough to realize when you are the common denominator in your problems! Hold yourself accountable!


Eliminate what holds you back! These things are expendable and GO AHEAD, DO IT EARLY so that you can move on! This can consist of lack of financial awareness to procrastination, low self esteem, bottled up emotions, even people. We don't have time to waste going BACK uncovering what we already knew, yet we chose to sweep it under a rug just so we would not have to face facts. Get it out the way during your identifying phase! That's over and DONE with! Some of you may ask "Well how can I get lack of financial awareness out the way just like that?" EDUCATE YOURSELF! This will give you better understanding of what you have done wrong or are doing wrong. ELIMINATE your lack of understanding by educating yourself in what you do not know and understand. Like I said



Nurture and Repair what pokes at your self esteem. Take care of yourself.

"A lack in confidence is a lack in drive and baby we're all gas no breaks now!"

You got this and continue to show and prove this! Repair what you have noticed is needed in order to remain confident and motivated. It's trial and error in this thing called life

BUT we got this! LIVE AND LEARN! Key word: LEARN!!


LASTLY LEAP!! By having the confidence in yourself, the motivation and to have been able to do all that we listed previously there's nothing else to do BUT LEAP! Take that leap of faith in whatever it is that moves you. Whatever it is that gives you purpose, whatever it is that makes you COMPLETE! The very reason you decided to take control of your life up to this point was because you were..


Being obedient to your calling and taking that leap of faith is a commitment. As I'm still working and pushing myself to my goals. I've found that short term goals have been great to check off along the way. Hold yourself accountable by having mini goals to the vision!

"You're in control and Got this!"

As I stated you know what makes you tick and what causes a block. Be aware of these things along the way to help you stay on course. Remain mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy. On your adventure to your Divine purpose you must remember peace and clarity helps with maintaining all of these things for the better of your health.

"80% mental and 20% physical"

is something I picked up from an influencer by the name of Eric Whitehead and its been quite helpful along my journey.

So to my readers I say this, make a choice, choose you! Determine what fulfills you. Even if it's down to building your character and working to be a better person. Do it! Not only are you coming closer to your purpose but you have begun with a solid foundation. A step closer to COMPLETION!

7even Voices

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