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We would like to thank you for wanting to be about of the Completion Client Experience unfortunately we are in the process of renovating our location so that we can provide the relaxing and comfortable experience for all of our clients.  Not only are you receiving a beauty or spa service but you are here to take the time out kick your feet up have a mimosa maybe and exhale!  You will feel completely ready to take on anything that life throws your way after a one on one with our Master Stylist J'Marie! NAILS/PEDI, UPDOS, LACE INSTALLS, SEW-IN INSTALLS, QUICK WEAVES, TAPE EXTENSIONS, U-PART WIGS, HALF UP HALF DOWN WEAVE INSTALLS, CROCHET STYLES, PONYTAILS, COLOR SERVICES, PERMS, RELAXERS, FINGER WAVES, BLOWOUTS, SILKWRAPS,  CUTS( CLIPPER & SCISSOR, MEN&WOMAN), BRAIDS, ROLLER SETS, TREATMENTS AND MANY OTHER HAIR SERVICES AND ALL HAIR TYPES,  EYEBROW WAXING, BROW TENTING, EYEBROW LIFTING, EYELASH LIFT, EYELASH EXTENSIONS,  FACIAL&BODY WAXING, AND FACIALS Stay connected with us on all of our platforms, check out our blog page and feel free to keep your hair and skin ready with Completion7's Hair care products!

We'll see you soon!

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