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The Lady Behind The Brand

Who Is J'Marie?


Born as Jessica Burroughs, born and raised in a small town in Southeast North Carolina.  The beauty industry has been apart of Jessica's life since she was a little girl while helping her mother with her hair.  The love of the beauty industry was passed down from her mother the late Marie Burroughs who was also a July baby(7/19).   Unfortunately  unlike Jessica her mother was unable to follow her dream due having multiple sclerosis.  Through of chain of unforeseen events Jessica put her dreams behind her after loosing her mother on the 4th of July(7/4) to begin taking care of her family.   Shortly after high school Jessica began working the medical field receiving numerous degrees and certifications to help support her career.  The dream of becoming a Master stylist never left Jessica's side and after 15 years in the medical field her faith led her right back to follow her dreams.  The name Completion with the number 7 which is silent in the pronunciation of the name (Completion By J'Marie)  represent a number of meaningful symbolization's in Jessica's life.  The 7 is placed at the end of Completion because spiritually the number represent completion not just luck.  There are a number of events that stood out in Jessica's lifetime that related to the number as well.  Her mother's birth month, her son's birth month(7/7) as well as the date of her mother's passing.  J'Marie came from Jessica's first initial combined with her mother's name, Marie whom which was her biggest influence.  Most importantly Jessica relates the name Completion7 By J'Marie with the definition of her journey in life thus far and the understanding that there is a purpose and reason for everything that happens in our lives.  If we just have faith everything will come to a COMPLETE CIRCLE of what your divine purpose is and hope that it will be fulfilled.  Just trust and believe and you will be complete!  Jessica's faith plays a strong role in her journey and the talent she posses she gives all credit to her lord and savor.  The goal is to not only provide a service to every client from all walks of life but to make you feel like you are receiving the complete treatment!  Once you leave our establishment you too will feel confident enough to walk into your divine purpose!  Which inspired and birth Completion7's mission statement "Alluring Your Divine Purpose!"


We want to make sure you leave Completion⁷ By J'Marie feeling more fabulous than when you arrived. So, sit back, relax and let our skilled professional team take care of you. Get in touch to find out more about what we offer or to book an appointment.

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